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Frequently Asked Questions

The Web-App is used to create combos of different products. You can upload all good resolution images of the same sizes in the JPEG or PNG extension.

The web-app uses the special overlap feature in which your images will overlap to create combos. In some cases where an issue of non-overlapping persists, the web-app creates the combo by putting images adjacent to each other.

To have the best results, upload the PNG images with transparency of same dimensions

With the help of Combo Feature, a merchant having 20 unique products (say) can potentially create a store of 190 products with 2 in a box combination.

Such a big store shall increase the visibility of products and the seller on the e-commerce platforms. This feature also provides multiple ways to engage the buyers.

The web-app uses the basic principle of combination. Let's say a seller has 5 T-shirts, and he wishes to create different combos. When the buyer will upload the high-resolution images on the web-app, the app will automatically make combinations of different T-shirts.

Let A, B, C, D, and E be the images of the T-shirts uploaded by the seller in the given order. Our web-app will follow the basic tabular arrangement for the creation of combinations. Kindly look into the table given below for detailed description.

PixoPal Combo Chart

To process the unedited images, you need to first have them edited and preferably with transparency. Sign-Up for our editing service on www.pixopal.com

You may provide combo creation requirement in your remarks or come back to combo creation site and prepare combos yourself.